Work with Early Attachment

​& Ancestral Trauma ​

~ a small group ~ 

​At present I’m working with individuals one-on-one. This group is for those who are working with effects from ​early attachment or from the family / ancestral story. Please contact me to express interest. 

What’s this about?

The roots of who we are extend deep into our ancestral family history. We’re part of that story. Early childhood breaks in attachment, especially with our mothers, as well as struggles with father, affect many of us.

This group is for those who’ve done some work in this area, for example a related family constellation with me or another.

We’ll use the collective intelligence of the group to illuminate the landscape of working with early childhood issues and their echoes in the larger family.

The emphasis is on building connection and trust, and a sense of familiarity and normalcy with the larger issues.

Other family stories are welcome here too as we share, find appropriate ways to be with these things, bust isolation around them and make it normal and a deep and life-giving source.  

Individual work with me or another trauma-informed coach or therapist, is a normal pre-requisite.

What you can expect to receive


2 Responses

  1. To be on the online group on the 14th has helped me to clarify to myself that I am at ease with the two sides in me that deal with climate change. One side thinks that “premature” extinction is probable and the other side thinks that NEVERTHELESS it is worth doing something to try and prevent it.
    The active side in me and the more contemplative one are ready to work together as well as work with peers to build a communal resilience.
    Thank you so much Andrew and Group for this inspirational and experiential practice!

  2. Andrew,
    I do believe this presencing practice is important messy or not. Maybe the messier it gets is just the best mirror it can wear.

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