What can’t be done alone!

I’ve been taking a little time off to reflect on what I want to create.
Basically I see myself as building community for the journey home. I’m feeling pleased and excited to be back with some new clarity and some specific offerings. You can see them below.
And you know what? I wouldn’t have come with anything if not forĀ  friends along the way who help me see more of what I truly care about. I wouldn’t be writing this today or doing anything I do without “them.”
But a little context! As I look around I notice integral, overlapping we-space r/evolutions happening . . . everywhere. They mirror the everywhere “wicked problems” in the world, the problems that are so complex they’re part of everything else. To quote Tom Atlee, things are getting better and better and worser and worser, faster and faster. Except that now they’re better, worser and faster than when he first wrote that four years or so back.
Those overlapping we-space r/evolutions areĀ  the collective recognition that we’re in it together and can’t find our way alone. That we can’t do it alone isn’t because we’re small but because we are connected and live in a connected world. We’re each plugged into the same very big thing.
And speaking of being plugged into the same thing (in our unique ways of course), what a huge solace there is in experiencing that the things that matter to me also matter to others, real people I know with names and voices and faces . . . very likely you’re one of them.
Collectively we’re just at the very (very) onset of how to do a collective exploration skilfully. Integral theory and the new neuroscience are two important threads that need weaving in. (A third I’m interested in is a contribution on unconscious dynamics from Systemic Constellations but I’ll save that for a future post very soon.)



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