A practice / learning  course with  six 90 minute sessions, one every two weeks. We”ll use the basic operating principles of strong WE-SPACES in service of what it is you’re wanting to being forward in your own life. This is a practical course. The “learning” will be in the background with what is alive and pulsing for you in the foreground.  Each session will be an instance of the future we want to create!

You will be in a good position to take this work out to other communities you are part of, perhaps with some support. Applications can include activist organizations, international membership organizations, NGOs and teams of all kinds.

The foundation is based on the community development work of Peter Block.

The course will be hosted by Andrew MacDonald and one other person.

The course will start after January 20th, with the first eight people who have registered. Course times to be determined based on participant availability.