Inner Climate Collective

​Inner Climate ​Collective

​This is an online videoconference group, via Zoom, for those who want ​ongoing personal connection with others as they explore climate change, adaptation and being with the uncertain future. ​My own assumption is that system collapse is coming. In Jem Bendell’s bracingly clear phrase (this is not his exact sentence): collapse is inevitable, catastrophe probable, and extinction possible. Can we help make a surrendered consciousness more available for ourselves in a time like this? Can we support each other in moving toward a consciousness that’s up for the adventure of being present to the uncertain future? Whatever it takes?

That seems to be happening already for some of us.

The group will use powerful questions, especially the Prescencing question (“What are you experiencing now?”) as a foundational practice, but some “constellations” and ​other things as well. The curriculum is us and what shows up for us. The intention is for us to ​co-discover our way forward, best as we can.

​Subscribers receive a link to the call.

Why and how? 

The hub of being with it all is Presence, being willing to risk being with what comes up, with another. This is much much easier in a space where others are risking it too! There’s comfort and creativity when we’re in a conversation where we feel that whatever comes up for us is welcome. That way our energy isn’t taken up with having to hide parts of our experience or deny them, again.  If the welcome is real, and it takes all of us to help create that, then we can relax, even if we’re feeling challenged and uncertain in part of us. 

We’ll do our best to pay close attention to what’s coming up for us and share it. This is very different from the world in which the social expectation is mainly to not have room for these difficult futures. We need time for this. Core issues and perspectives take time to emerge and clarify.

The ability to be with and to share what’s coming up in the moment is ​rare and usually is the product of a lot of work on oneself in meditative or group practices.  

​As I was saying, the hub of being with it all is Presence, the willingness and the experience that it’s OK to risk being with what comes up, with another. (It’s OK to “shrink” or miss it sometimes too. I know I do.) So that’s the hub, which takes a minimum of two. The spokes are all the different responses and life choices we might make as we look at a coming collapse. For each of us the spokes change by themselves when space for them held in a neutral and welcoming way. We’re informed by what others are thinking and feeling. Creative alliances between people happen because that’s what consciousness does. A neutral and welcoming stance naturally allows for new hybrid forms and bridges to emerge.  

​Come join in!