I, Thou and the Tao

I, Thou and the Tao

There’s a larger Presence that holds us. Everything happens inside it. A larger Presence, a something welcomes us. We forget it.

I know I do. I get caught in my own experience, transfixed with the immediacy of my personal experience.

I believe and feel that what’s happening and alive and much more important than the virus will be right there the moment we declare the virus gone. So for me this is not about the virus but about a deepening of the possibility to reach out of our individual ego world into the larger collective intelligence that’s there. I’ve not written about the present moment for a while – or rather shared my writing – .because the whole subject feels too large. Afraid of raving. I was afraid of speaking, this “afraid” somewhere between cowardice and the fear of God.

Whatever your experience of all this is, with all its multi-faceted highs and lows, I also notice, at least sometimes, this Presence in which it resides.

And when I sense into that with you, if I’m able to (because sometimes I can’t well), I feel held. I feel the greater something in which my own experience is just a part, a drop in a flowing river of consciousness. Knowing that gives the pain context and meaning. And there is pain and vulnerability in all this too, I believe, because this isn’t just about the virus but about a larger process going on underneath it.

And this Presence is part of that. The larger Presence, when I sense it, feels fully aware of the depths and yet is entirely unperturbed, welcoming, always there.