By the Light of Collective Intelligence

Much depends on the strength of the lantern we hold up to see where we are, our surroundings and the possible paths through the deep woods around us. A dim lantern won’t shine deep into the dark. It won’t clarify the looming shadows. How do we make our lantern burn brighter and more stable, since […]

More Connection, Less Analysis?

In challenging times like this, we need rich mutual connection at least as much as analysis. Analysis is interesting but not powerful. Connection shows us what’s possible – possible for us personally and together. We need participation more than greater ideological clarification and purity. We need to hear and be heard, to build ideas together. […]

The Movement of Movements

Ben Roberts over at Movement Weavers used this phrase today, the movement of movements. It felt like “of course,” as if I both knew it and didn’t. I looked it up quickly and see that it refers to the Social Justice Movement – at least that’s where Wikipedia roots it. But movement of movements aptly […]

Changemakers, you are not alone!

This morning my friend C told me what was on her mind a lot during a recent weeklong workshop she co-presented: How do I bring my authentic voice here without alienating the others? While still belonging, in other words. Authentic voice vs belonging was her theme! An artist friend in the same conversation spoke on […]