​I want to share some changes with you, and also ask for your sense of what I’m noticing – a boulder in the middle of the path. 

That boulder in the middle of the path has different sides but it’s symbolized by the Great Reset. Have you heard of it? The Great Reset is the 4th Industrial Revolution, what Klaus Schwab, head of the World Economic Forum calls “a fusion of physical, digital and biological identities.” Vaccine passports hint at the fusion and may be a precursor of what a fuller rollout looks like. A coming social credit system, already well along in China, has permissions granted for what we used to take for granted, based on compliance to state, commercial and banking recommendations. Control extends to “virtually” all parts of life. I won’t be going into it here as my focus is on how it impacts the inner and consciousness work we’re interested in. (The person who explains this most clearly for me is Alison McDowell. A great example is here, starting at the eight minute mark.)

My sense is that the powers-that-be are set firmly on the Great Reset and that it’s not so much a future as a present thing. But how do we put its agenda together with our own? How do we show up in our own lives, for the Reset.

I don’t know if they can accomplish the Great Reset but one thing seems certain: This fusion is the stated plan of many of the world’s most wealthy, powerful and networked (in a business sense) people. I take what they say seriously. Covid, masking, lockdowns, vaccine passports, the war in Ukraine too could very well be connected to this stated agenda too as many people who’ve risked their lives work and livelihoods to speak up have said. A Central Bank Digital Currency is on the way that it will render cash obsolete and make access to funds dependent on compliance to what corporate, bank and government interests think is good for you.  This influences  our ability to determine what’s good for ourselves and our family and to speak freely without fear of punishment.

So this is the boulder in the middle of the path, as I see it. But here’s where it gets interesting.

The two worlds of consciousness and inner work (on the one hand) and the deepening of global control on the other, don’t talk to each other. They are two solitudes and not in the popular consciousness of the spiritual community. On the Integral Forum, for example – Integral Philosophy is a sophisticated, widespread and useful map based on levels of consciousness – I found it hard to find mention of the Reset. It’s largely outside of the spiritual Overton window of what we can politely speak about.

Is that true? Am I missing something here? I’d much benefit from your perspective and contribution here.

There’s lot that can be done. One we name something and face it we find a truer relationship to it. We know from group work that when different perspectives are held in consciousness, a collective intelligence starts to form that’s greater than the sum of the parts. Shift and transformation happen when all the parts are in the room, and when we are. 

How is the Great Reset showing up for you? I’d love to hear your thoughts and feelings on this.

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  1. I am also concerned about the path forward and implications of the Great Reset and have also noted a lack of conversation about it in communities focused on consciousness. The idea certainly triggers a fear response and there's something about its reality being cloaked or hidden…. the only arenas where I see reference to this issue seem to be in forums where people are also expressing concern about freedom of medical choices and those who are working to prevent forced medical treatment via vaccine mandates. These forums, in my experience, also tend to host Pro-Trump content and lots of other anti-progressive and some wild conspiracy theories- this does not inspire confidence and would make it harder to even open the topic with people who would be repelled by the other content found on these platforms. Censorship is a significant issue here. Many people are being carefully protected from exposure to any information that might trigger curiosity or concern about some of the stated plans of the great reset…. A big boulder indeed. It seems to me the first question to explore might need to be theoretical…. a "what if" scenario… this would not trigger the automatic defense and rejection that would be sparked by any current non-theoretical conversation as it would piggyback onto other emotionally charged content regarding pandemic fears and judgements. Those who have been controlling the public narrative have studied their propaganda research well. Their messaging has been carefully crafted to create a particular outlook.
    Just my two cents on this Tuesday night in late March.

  2. It feels like restriction, compression, isolation, separation, limitation. Very much putting us in the furnace for purification.

    It's frightening to see what's going on in plain sight, yet so many people seem to be oblivious to it.

    I'm constantly inspired by all the courageous people standing for truth even when it leads to personal loss.

  3. I follow Alison as well. I don't see the link you refer to for her, Andrew.
    Selecting which of her many interviews to share is a challenge, I would say.

    I think there is the start of awareness in the two communities to which you refer. Yes, things are worse than people think, but like what you are up to – awareness and sharing – that is so important.

    I am working on something similar: "Hope is the Memory of the Future" was the poster on my childhood bedroom door. We can design a future respecting the soul of each person and mother earth, without technology and the "reset" agenda.

    If you'd like to talk on the phone, we can.

  4. Maybe calls for us to stand up for where our heart is and be wiling to be visible, paradoxically a gift to others. A torch passed among the increasing willing.

  5. Marki, appreciate your concern. Re: trying not to antagonize those who believe in a mainstream narrative. . . I am wanting, though not always succeeding to say the least, to pay attention to what I think and feel rather than trying to fit in and belong within the mainstream narrative. Truth is, I’m seeing something different, another channel. And learning, or daring to listen and speak that something different is my own challenge.
    I don’t quite know what you mean by “what if.”

  6. Hello Andrew and others I've not met.

    What follows is an answer to what ails humanity:


    Beyond our frozen fears and imagined needs lies another realm,
    a realm unrivalled.

    Beyond our beliefs, opinions and judgements is another state,
    a state of wisdom and common sense.

    Beyond our acceptance and tolerance is another world,
    a world of kindness and understanding.

    Beyond theology, philosophy, science, and certainty is
    a life of exploration.

    Beyond my story, your story, their story – any story ever written or told,
    exists a life unbridled.

    There, an all-embracing warmth melts the edges of division,
    dissolving the illusion of you and me, of them and us.

    This internal, eternal universe is home – is love,
    our mind at peace – our life fulfilled.

    There, we create a new world,
    a world unbridled.

    A world of human decency.

    A world of Possibility.

  7. Having trouble responding to Alison’s part 1. Many things that have happened to me fit in with her predictions. It is scary that it is so far along, & also she does not go much into what a backlash would look like. I have hope that more logical heads will prevail. I have little faith in grass roots movements; (grass roots are underground!) …an old Chinese curse…”may you live in interesting times”

    The Liberals were very shrewd in calling the last election ……Now he can’t be booted for 4yrs.

    Our parliamentary system is primitive in comparison to the US constitution. Biden will be hamstrung this Nov. & will be “Trumped” in ‘24. Keep your eyes on how the Yanks respond.
    I may have more to say later ………………..David

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