Playful Presencing Guidelines

Presencing has depth and meaning whatever the content, “happy” or “sad.” Presence is the source of creativity. As such it has a playful aspect.

Sometimes I/you/we can read these before starting, if they seem to get us off on a good foot.

1.       Presence is like a forest bird. We’ve no idea when s/he’ll be seen or heard.

2.       There’s something there.

3.       Presencing is like a game.

4.       Your co-player doesn’t know more than you, or less I guess.

5.       Attention is richly rewarded.

6.       It doesn’t matter what you say.

7.       No single thought that’s flowing through, can ever describe the whole of you.

8.       Enjoy this chance to say what’s true, with someone else who’s doing it too.

9.       Have some fun, you’ll soon be done.