No rules for the journey

We came by them honestly, the rules that define our lives. We were born to them. But of course we didn’t think they were rules when we were small; we thought  they were reality and we could be good by following them.

It’s good when the rules break down and nothing works because then we see the rules aren’t the same as reality. And we were so very sure they were. When we see they aren’t, a door opens and we see something else. We can even walk out the door and leave the House of Rules if we want.

But when you step outside the door, what’s there?

A howling wilderness.

Out there the old rules are no more and the old God who brought us this far, blessings upon him, is dead. There’s just the mighty wind that some call spirit.

Now it’s up to us to travel together. What we need comes on the wind or in the breath of each other, which is much the same thing. But there aren’t any rules for this journey.

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One thought on “No rules for the journey

  • August 3, 2018 at 3:52 pm

    The howling wilderness. Just so. This is lovely, Andrew!

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