We’re always born to our real roles. I stand in the doorway by nature and aptitude. As a young person I experienced a lot of exclusion and not belonging. I turned to nature and spiritual exploration. I was finding it difficult to belong and find a good place in the world. I have a feel for this outsider place and it’s a gift that keeps on giving.

Thirty or so years ago when I got into a group where there was a deep welcome for me, I sensed that I could start to come in from the cold, thaw out my gifts and start to give them.  This, and a love of wilderness, reflect my welcome of the insider parts.

I worked a lot with these parts to understand how different parts could co-exist. I became a 4Gateways Coach – the four gateways are the archetypal energies of Sovereign, Warrior, Magician and Love. practiced shadow work, integral coaching model, Voice Dialogue, Focusing , Family Constellations.

I still work with most of those and also with groups which is the real place where different “parts,” show up – different people.

Sometimes groups can become insular and reinforce the “old story” in the members. They can serve to keep them safe only and I’m sensitive to that. There’s a creative support that’s beyond staying back and safe that interests me. Most people are as yet unaware of what’s possible.

At the heart of what interests me is collective meaning-making, being consciously part of something greater than ourselves, together with others who are exploring it too. My book Evolutionary YOU is an introduction to that.   

The collective meaning-making is so satisfying that it heals our great deal of anxiety and dysfunction. Dysfunction results from not being part of something greater-than-ourselves with others. Every time I engage as a Welcomer, Host (both inside and out like a Walmart Greeter) I feel gratitude and joy. I welcome myself again into the “field” where all is free and possible, waiting for me and us.