One-to-one Support

I see three “fronts” to work on for personal evolution: meditation, we-space group work, and one-to-one personal work. Working on all three is much stronger than working with just one or two. The three build on each other and without all three we don’t have a complete enough view of reality.

(Here’s my evolutionary growth model that shows you how all three are important and that we leave one out at our peril.)

This page deals with the one-on-one work.

Benefits of One-to-one work:

  1. Working with another  helps us see our process from farther outside than we’re usually able to see. We have a witness.
  2. We can frequently see “shadow” material that is hard to see on our own. Systemic constellation work, which is usually a part of what I do, is particularly good at this.

One-to-one work can often reveal, coming directly from your own life, a fresh and clear direction. The important words are that it comes from your life and experience. I don’t encourage a particular direction or say what you should do. I use the same discovery processes that I do for myself and I don’t like to be told what to do.If you’re inspired by the direction that arises in your session, I’m there to support you with occasional revisits.

Although I’m a coach and trainer, I don’t use these models often. It’s more like this: A stranger with a gift is knocking at the door, or outside wondering if it’s a good time. The stranger is knocking because his gift is important. It may have been a long time but it’s important  it be delivered and when the time is right it is. The challenge for the client can look like recognizing and receiving the gift.

Another metaphor is a birth. Something is being born in you as it continually is in all of us if we can allow it. Even mini-births and births-in-progress like to be witnessed and welcomed.

Discovery often looks like a welcome, a welcome to what is emerging in you.


Human relations need a balance of giving and receiving if something good is to happen. The payment expresses that balance in the way we are with each other.
You can balance our time together in the spirit of a gift. You pay the amount that feels right for you in the form of a gift. This is not the same as free. It’s an amount that makes you feel complete in the transaction.
Sometimes the effect of working together may not become fully apparent for a long time. There’s no way to measure.
 Giving back places you in the tradition of giving and receiving what we’re learning now. You join the lineage of giving and receiving that I’ve received from my teachers and friends, most recently the excellent Khuyen Bui! I hope that you will be able to help others in a way that nourishes you.
One way to pick a good amount for you, treat it like a game that reflects the value you’re receiving. This gives you a chance to practice generosity that you want. And it gives me a chance to feel the feeling of gratitude. If you’ve chosen one you can pay it here!
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