Men’s Community Conversations

​What’s actually going on for men?

​There are a ton of issues and perspectives but down beneath all that is the actual lived experience of men. ​These monthly calls share our actual experience and crossroads with each other. For a while ​we’ll leave behind analysis which is interesting for sure but seldom transformational. ​We won’t try to fix ourselves or others, or offer advice out of respect for each other’s unique experience, the way it is.

​These conversations assume that men are tonic, not toxic, powerful and creative forces for good in the world.

The six conversations are a foundation for a deeper experience of what we might want to see in the world. They’re an exploration of who we want to be in the culture of men. 

The format for the calls comes from Peter Block’s groundbreaking work on community engagement. We use powerful questions, stay ​well away from any fixing, advising, or helping – replacing that with curiousity.

We​ speak our truth and listen to each other in small groups, and reflect on what we’re noticing, in the larger group. Here’s what men said after our first call September 3rd, on Possibility – as distinct from problem solving.

​Please note that you will be asked challenging powerful questions about what’s important to you, in small groups. The questions may be anxiety-producing.  You always have the option to pass if you choose. Only the last few moments are recorded as men speak about the ​conversation. Calls are the third Thursday of each month at 7:30pm Eastern time​. Come to one or all. Next call

Thursday, October 15th, 7:30pm via zoom

Pre-registration required for each call. ​Please don’t register if you don’t plan to attend. Register here.