Healing Ancestral Trauma

​Healing Ancestral Trauma and Early Attachment ​Difficulties

​We very often carry ​strong leftovers from our family​​ of origin. Early attachment and much other traumas, struggles and unfinished business is passed down through the genes from beyond our parents, from the ancestors.

​The love flowing down from the past is unable to reach us cleanly and directly because of entanglements in the family soul. ​​

Beyond fixing, judging and managing symptoms, ​this work seeks instead to understand very human problems as they came through our family. We can support the greater movement toward life in the wounded human soul​.

It didn’t start with you

The mythic journey of individuation starts with a wound or unfinished business that stems from family, both the known parts and the larger story from the family soul. He or she enters into that story through the experience of the family and finds the direction that brings healing.

I offer work in Healing Ancestral Family Trauma in a session that takes an hour and a half or two. The purpose of the session is to bodily experience a new and unseen way forward. Not an idea but an experience of what brings relief to body and soul.