Reality is relational. We’re not isolated egos but rather we share a common consciousness. We learn vital things about that consciousness exploring it together in real time . . .things we can’t learn on our own!

The two open groups on this page are ways to experience and practice deep connection with others online. They’re involving, often deeply enjoyable …and a bit edgy – you’ll likely find them unforgettable. They’re accessed by videoconference on a free-to-you web technology (Zoom).

You’re welcome to “drop-in” and experience a group for free. The groups work better for all if “energy” goes both ways in the longer run. Read about it here.

The Dialogue Group (a.k.a Shared Mindfulness)

“I highly recommend this exploration and experience, based on being on 2 or 3 previous calls!! Wonderful people, wonderful experience. Highly expansive AND a good learning more about what it’s like to be in ‘shared mindfulness.'”

“I found it quite insightful, warm, welcoming and comforting. I surprised myself how I could hold a stronger presence with less distraction than usual. The deep listening out felt like it also contributed to senses emerging from a deeper inner place. As a newbie I felt safe and welcome in the space. With appreciation …”

The Dialogue group is very capable of providing a new context for individual inner  work you do. (Not to mention expanding your circle of conscious friends.)

In essence, we just notice what’s emerging in “the field,” the common space we share, and share some of that with others if we feel to. It’s a mutual consideration of the present.

The group is based on the work of David Bohm. He was a well-known nuclear physicist who explored how groups might catalyze and explore in consciousness “the unified field” that physics was revealing. He invented the Dialogue process to get down below the usual assumptions we have about each other when we come together.  The guidelines help tune us into an experience of the common field we share.

One person observed that it was a like sitting with other being human – but without all the stories. If you’ve not meditated before or have no experience with personal practice the Dialogue group may seem foreign or confusing – or it may seem deeply instructive, something to return to again and again.

It’s free or by donation. You can make a donation here.

Click here to see the guidelines we use. They carry the flavor of what we’re doing.

Frequency: monthly on the third Sunday at 11 am Eastern time. August 21, September 18th

How to join: Send an email to andrew at and I’ll forward the link to you.

Cautions: This call will not meet everyone’s wish list. It’s very low on social chat and might well have periods of silence. It’s  a practice, an exercise in mutually attending to what’s arising in the moment. It’s a friendly human space filled with ordinary loving humans interested in growing themselves the best they can. If you’re one of those, come and join us.