Andrew MacDonald

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Interactive Work in Groups and Coaching

Healing and inspiration come from Presence, the more-than-the-sum-of-the-parts "collective intelligence" that enters into relational life when people feel safe and connected enough to notice it.

Although this quality is part of consciousness and is always present, we can be more or less aware of it. I have a few group offerings of differeing intensity to invite people to work with it. 


Four Descending Levels of Relational Presencing

1. Surface level - ordinary relational life

2. Pathfinding group - Using powerful questions and the shared experience of the group to examine our inner and outer conversation around possibility, ownership, invitation, dissent, commitment and gifts. . At present this is the Thursday pathfinding group. 

3. Social Activism -  A closed course to take the powerful questions model eeper and aim it toward a personal or professional goal in service to the common good. A closed group allows us to go more deeply.

4. Presencing Pilgimage - Certain deep wounds in the collective and in our own lives, often from early childhood, require a deeper holding than we are used to. Even experienced practitioners may never have allowed this possibility for themselves.


Coaching is a sanctuary where you can take time to unpack and explore most challenging life issues, including early attachment difficulties and challenges in belonging. 

You can work with me using family and systemic constellations on a shorter term, with longer term integration support. 

I can help with being more present to the challenges in your life.