Do your


  • ​Forge a ​LIVE connection ​to ​what you ​really want
  • ​​​Know intimately the enemy – (where you take yourself out)
  • ​Show up ​for your self and your values
  • Repeat

​I’m especially interested in men who are redefining masculinity for themselves and forging lives outside of the restrictive models we’re often offered. Women are warmly welcome too. 

Engagement Coaching and Support

​Use the first session ​to make a ​living connection ​toward what you want. (​You’ll know quickly if ​this ​path ​is for you.)

Evoke soul wisdom by looking through the Sovereign, Magician, ​Lover and Warrior ​parts of you. ​All four are ​needed. The Warrior is ​often hidden ​gateway.

​Put your shoulder to the wheel of ​what you really want​ and ​make it happen. And begin right away. 

​I’m Andrew MacDonald​.  ​I have my Ph.D as a Mistake Expert​ from the School of ​Life. I​’m also a Certified 4Gateways Coach​.

​I’m an elder. It’s taken me a long time to get clear on a simple thing that I’ll help you with:​ engaging what seems to hold you back. I call this ​doing ​​​your Warrior Work


Pay on a sliding scale from $50 to $150 according to your means and wish to ​​see more engagement in the world. No one who is doing the work will be turned away. ​Speak to me about ​subsidy if you need to. ​The best way to work with me in three month increments where you make engagement a way of life.


 The crucial issue isn’t your past or how many times you’ve ​screwed up.The crucial issue is ​whether you​’re engaged in this moment today. ​

Most people have a crazy poor idea of what’s possible for them.​ T​here’s more, so much more, and it’s yours if you dare claim it​.  ​