We’ve all got our ways to work on ourselves. Mine are ways of taking multiple perspectives.

Dreamwork: Dreams are beautiful and reward the time you spend with them. You can explore them in many ways, including seeing them as invitations to embody what’s coming new.

Voice Dialogue: Interview, explore, get to know the various sub-selves we all have so that we don’t get caught so easily by any one of them.

Four Gateways coaching : The four gateways are the archetypal perspectives of Sovereign, Warrior, Magician and Lover – or simply as our generative, acting, thinking and feeling parts. The client looks at an issue and asks powerful questions from these perspectives. A new direction that’s already there in the field can sometimes be seen. When it does it feels rich, fresh and valuable. You can use 4Gateways on your own or with a coach to get clarity on a situation and find a way forward.

I’m certified as a Four Gateways Coach.

Systemic / Family Constellations: Beautiful and helpful, constellations are a living dynamic map of the system (family, workplace, issue or all of them) in the room. You take time to explore each point of view and the relationship of the parts. A powerful, visceral sense of what is happening and what needs to happen and what is just right to happen often emerges. The results can unfold over time.

In a group other humans stand in to represent parts of the system; in one-to-one sessions the client explores each of the different points of view him or herself. Constellations are practical, deeply respectful, and beautiful. They reveal our lives to us in a way we’ve not seen before. They can and do often bring help to deeply held or lifelong issues.

Focusing: Focusing is practical emotional intelligence. It’s a way of sensing back and forth between the body, where things are felt under understanding, and the conscious mind that “gets” things cognitively. I’ve been a Focusing Trainer since 1995. As a trainer I teach people this powerful tool to integrate life changes, understand self more deeply and deepen spiritual practice.