Dissenting on the Covid narrative

It’s been a while since I’ve written. Truth is I was seriously rocked by the lockdown and the response to Covid. And that very much included my own response. I became mute and struck dumb. At first I couldn’t imagine why I wasn’t offering any writing or offering groups for the first time in years. It gradually became clear that I didn’t want to say or admit what I was sensing and feeling. I was noticing a deep and profound shift in the social field, the cohesive set of common assumptions in which we humans, social beings that we are, live and make meaning.
I felt that the groups I was offering and the assumptions underneath them, weren’t addressing the real problem we’re facing. I’ve been interested in explorations into higher consciousness and deeper connection, emergent conversations, we-spaces, Bohmian dialogue (beyond common assumptions). I wrote about these and practiced them in small groups, my own and with others. All that still holds true and has a value. I continue to love what we’ve done and cherish my friends there.
But for all that there’s a larger context I’ve been avoiding that places the way forward in a different light. A metaphor for that: It’s as if I and many friends have been collaborating on a wonderful play with humor, love, intricacy and empathy and an artful sense of emergent possibility. The play is about finding a flow of fresh-flowing, pure and glorious water. I love it. What we were avoiding was that the powers-that-be are shutting off the water supply to the theatre and replacing it with toilet flush.
Forgive the starkness of the metaphor. A crude metaphor in more ways than one. It’s not that the non-altruistic agenda of the powers-that-be just became visible this year, only that it’s become too important to leave in the background. The coronavirus was setting loose deep trauma in the human community and harming human health. The soon to come “Great Reset” starting in the year to come promises to make those changes permanent as possible and and very deep. Whether this strategy stems from a deliberate conspiracy or simply elite consensus the result is the same. The danger is high and a fall into totalitarian control is very possible now. I think that working with this is the frontier of consciousness explorations and what moral courage looks like in our day.  
I do think the social control and cavalier disregard of people’s  deepest aspirations evidenced by the lockdown strategies are their real message. The supposed care for the vulnerable behind it feels bogus to me. All my inner senses of what rings true and authentic just fall flat when I hear or see it. I don’t believe the virtue-signalling about saving lives, etc. (There is science for all this that meets my inner truth-o-meter and I’ll share some of it soon in a future post.)
For me it’s clear that social control and induced fear is happening and, consciously or not, is the hidden message of the lockdowns. I don’t try prove to myself or anyone else that is or isn’t true.
The interesting question for me is what do we do now?
And an even more important question, WHO do we want to be now? For me, the answer is exciting: I want do explore and talk about and share and meet with whoever wishes to so we can collectively discover, best as we can, what we do now in our own lives. This has to be done together. I’ll be writing on this and will remain interested in safe, structured, welcoming and friendly conversation with whoever cares to join in. I’m also available for 1-1 exploration conversations for those who’d like to talk this over with me. (Contact info below.)
For me stepping outside the mainstream perspective has been painful and accepting it liberating. A new road opens up. I can see ahead that I, we, don’t need play by the rules of the old game, don’t need to fake it or try to fit in. On this road we are responsible for our own lives, masters of them. It’s that ownership of our own lives that the lockdown strategy and the coming “Reset” demands we give up under the guise of being a good citizen.  

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