“Constellations reveal our life challenge and how meeting it head on is a best strategy against social control .” 

A constellation is an outpicturing of a system of relationships . . . originally the family but also organizations and archetypal relationships. If YOU are to be the subject, the purpose is to have each part of find a good place in the system. Setting up a constellation by putting the various parts in relationship to each other powerfully evokes the system where it can be dynamically worked with.

Clients can work privately with a trained facilitator, or a therapist. Classically, a number of individuals take part, each one being a representative for a different part of the system. But also a client can take the place of each part of the system and sees how things look and feel from that position; the client explores the connections and discovers where resolution is for conflicts and difficulties.  

I’m especially interested in how constellations reveal the life challenges we have and how showing up for these helps us through this time of trauma and challenge.

Constellations can be done in person at my home or yours, or by zoom.

The primary expositor of this work is Bert Hellinger who was seminal in revealing a host of powerful understandings about family and other relationships that have continued to be developed by practitioners around the world. 

What to expect

Results from constellation work are often powerful, deeply felt and life-changing. A pattern that has persisted for years or a lifetime can be experienced anew.  The results can unfold over time. Sometimes a single session is enough. However, some issues are developmental and trauma-based – early attachment issues for example. These benefit from ongoing work. The original constellation is still helpful though not sufficient.

My experience with constellations

I first encountered constellations perhaps 15 years ago, when I was already a 4Gateways coach. I saw that the system plays as fundamental role in our development as our individual psychology does. I led group connection calls for an international network of constellators and have worked with many in the field.

Recently I took training in constellations and trauma with Mark Wolynn and Bertold Ulsamer. “Trauma” can be early childhood developmental issues as well as incidents that happen later in l;ife

I seem to have a particular affinity for working with men who have trouble finding their good place, perhaps because this was my own issue for much of my life.

I can say with conviction that the experiential constellation therapy which Andrew guided me through helped me immensely. – DK

How to work with me

Give me a call to discuss your needs,  questions, concerns. and perhaps set up a time that works for both of us.

I am available in person in Perth, ON or in Ottawa, ON. We can also do it via zoom.

The cost is $125 CDN.


Phone: 1.343.881.1429

email: andrewcartermacdonald (at) pm.me