Family and Systemic Constellations

  • Often allows for an uncanny depth in arriving at an understanding of soul issues
  • Often surfaces systemic stuff we can’t usually see
  • Works with the whole family as a system
  • including ancestral family material
  • Systemic constellations can help with ANY issue because everything lives in a context of system
  • Can help with trauma. I offer coaching not therapy.
  • I hope to work with a mutual support group of people who are on a growth path awakened by constellation work

Contact me with questions or to arrange a session (zoom or in person)

4Gateways Coaching

The 4 gateways are the archetypal perspectives of the

King, Warrior, Magician and Lover

(our Being, Acting, Thinking and Feeling parts).

We gain access to all four parts

Sessions provide a map you can bring to any situation,

 to see more clearly what you don’t yet see. 

You can integrate this powerful map and use it to grow into your future,

help self and others. 

Start with a short call or mini-session:

Coaching can help with hard-to-see problems in the family system: early trauma; attachment difficulties, intergenerational trauma. Everyday problems often have this deeper aspect and the work makes room for that. Everything is workable! 

Individual sessions are $125 Cdn. for first session of two hours, $90 thereafter. Accomodation can be made for your circumstances. People who’ve worked with me can join a group to go deeper. Groups are on hold at this time. Contact me by phone: 1.613.200.7647

Email:andrewcartermacdonald at gmail dot com

Andrew MacDonald

​some of the constellation work involves early trauma . . . 

We’re shaped by the quality of our earliest attachment to our parents,  

especially our mothers in the first years.

Many problems also result from multi-generational trauma in the family.

“It didn’t start with you, but it can end with you!” – Mark Wolynn

Individuation, maturation, blessing don’t happen alone!

We​’re helped by our dedication, ​the skills around us, and the help of conscious peers.