If you knew me you’d know that I’m a person with a lifelong interest in personal development, how we serve the times and the best of ourselves. You’ll know I value a spiritual approach and especially value learning with others, small groups as a best place to grow in. We benefit amazingly from the collective intelligence that good groups tap into. I love that.

Now I want to add more of the “showing up” part to what I do, both personally and in groups. Too often my spiritual work has left out the profound existential crisis we’re collectively facing due to climate change. And I think we sell ourselves short if we don’t. I want to put it in and add a note of urgency in what we do.

If you read my book Evolutionary YOU you’ll know it was about why and how we follow the rules of “our tribe,” our society and especially the members of it that we’re personally bonded with. The book showed how social “rules” have always limited our ability to challenge orthodoxy and step out of the mainstream paradigm. But now, we can no longer accept this limitation because our very survival is at risk. Along with the most complete science, the people who’s voices I respect – and my own inner sense – I think we’re headed for system collapse in the short term. Not in 50 years or even 20, but sooner. In the words of Jem Bendell, one of the most lucid expositors of our current situation: Collapse is inevitable, catastrophe probable, and extinction possible. You can read his excellent summary of the science and some useful ways to think about this here.

Bendell and others, myself included, believe that there can be light and love as we face even these difficult futures. Times like this can enable us to get rid of the dross and truly live and love for today. Scary as looking at this is, and it really is, it also feels good to have it out in the open. We get clearer on our priorities and on what we can do. I’m looking forward to more conversation and group conversation with friends, including you. I plan to be actively involved in non-violent civil disobedience with Extinction Rebellion. I’ll also be writing much more on how the reality of climate change lands with us personally and how we cope with it in our families and work, how it impacts our self-development hopes for ourselves.

I’ll also be bringing back the pilot group I tested last year, Hello Climate Change!

Hello Climate Change! starts again for seven consecutive Tuesdays starting May 7th. This is a place to work intensively with how climate change is landing and working in your own life, exploring the issue personally in a “safe” container with others. Details, comments form past registrants, and registration are here.

Bringing in climate change frees up our ability to live our lives freely and clearly. Even if systemic collapse were only possible, the precautionary principle means that we should treat it as if is and do all we can to prevent it. This means “showing up” to be part of the change.

I do believe that showing up fully for our time will help us with our growth overall. It will help us with difficult personal issues that are where we live much of our lives.

This “showing up” will be a main focus going forward and I hope to be learning with you how we can do it with grace and integrity.

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