A Sense-making challenge so vast

The world’s in a vast transition, a transition so vast it’s holy in its dimensions.  It’s bigger than us, bigger than we can grasp or understand. Like the Tao it can’t be named. It’s like a birth process. A new kind of person is emerging, sometimes crawling, from the wreckage of the old. A new […]

Such a help I’d wish for everyone!

​Lovely art by Jylian Gustlin​. Check out her stuff. Such a help I’d wish for everyone! ​Here I celebrate the value of safe, respectful groups for  keeping our head in a time of change. But there’s a secondary and hidden value in group spaces that is seldom noticed or spoken about. ​  ​It’s true that […]

Telling My Story

I’ve been avoiding telling my own story. For several days I was writing a blog post about how we needed more honest personal story, more sex and gender in our  conversations. Then I noticed I wasn’t telling my own. Telling is unfamiliar because I’ve been very close-mouthed about great chunks of my own story, forever.  […]

When consciousness groups play nice

When we’re in “consciousness groups,” do we tend to downplay our own agency, our “mission” so we can get along? Do we forget about our purpose or forget that we even have one? Do we unconsciously play it safe so we can be “liked” and not ruffle too many feathers? More generally, does the consciousness […]