Showing Up and the Great Reset

​I want to share some changes with you, and also ask for your sense of what I’m noticing – a boulder in the middle of the path.  That boulder in the middle of the path has different sides but it’s symbolized by the Great Reset. Have you heard of it? The Great Reset is the […]

Consciousness and the Great Reset

I’m interested in spiritual perspectives and solutions to what’s happening in the world. I’m also interested in what’s going on out there on the ground. It can seem as if these two worlds exist independently of each other. To use a very Canadian expression, one drawn from a long-ago book by Hugh MacLennan about the […]

Protest that Endures

The trucker’s protest near where I live in is a tremendously powerful force for change. Jonathan Pageau, an excellent youtuber writing on “The Symbolic World,” compared it to the siege of Jericho where “the walls came tumbing down,” as the song has it. The energy is excited, quite clear and part of what we need. […]

By the Light of Collective Intelligence

Much depends on the strength of the lantern we hold up to see where we are, our surroundings and the possible paths through the deep woods around us. A dim lantern won’t shine deep into the dark. It won’t clarify the looming shadows. How do we make our lantern burn brighter and more stable, since […]

Neighborhood is the New Wilderness

I have to say it again: Neighborhood is the new wilderness. Love that. Wish I’d said it myself but I didn’t. I do want to go to the neighborhood wilderness though: build a little cabin . . . off-grid, wood stove, birds and animals, my sweetie. No I heard the phrase, almost in passing, day […]

More Connection, Less Analysis?

In challenging times like this, we need rich mutual connection at least as much as analysis. Analysis is interesting but not powerful. Connection shows us what’s possible – possible for us personally and together. We need participation more than greater ideological clarification and purity. We need to hear and be heard, to build ideas together. […]

A Simple Map for Where We’re At

What’s this? It’s my system map of our current social situation. Looking at the relationship between elements often brings clarity because you see a system, a set of relationships, rather than just isolated parts. Your system map might be different and either of ours might change with time, but here’s how it looks today.  The […]

A Revealing Question

Watching the Covid drama and it’s many themes is like watching a blockbuster movie. Emotions flow through us quickly reflecting the drama we’re seeing. But this isn’t a movie. It’s real life human drama. All dramas have twists and turns. Great dramas have enormous twists and turns that somehow also make human sense. Great dramas […]

The Singular Place of Dual Blessing

The conscious meeting of the “I” and the “We” When the “I” and the “We” co-inhabit the room, a striking new evolutionary possibility opens up. I call it The Singular Place of Dual Blessing. ——————————– Though the word “we-space” has been around for a little while now, it turns out, as many have seen and […]

The Shame and the Gift

(Part 1 of 2) When you don’t speak out it’s a millstone around your neck. It plugs into a sense of shame and unworthiness, the feeling that your voice isn’t worthy of being heard. From there it’s just a hop away to the sense that “my experience doesn’t matter.” And that’s almost the same as […]