Andrew MacDonald


  • Co-founder and first editor of Everyman Men’s Journal (dubbed best men’s publication by Warren Farrell)
  • Co-developer of nine Canadian conferences focused on men’s issues and development, attended by women and men.
  • A 4Gateways Coach since c. 2007.  (4Gateways is a method of evoking soul wisdom developed by ritual elder Tom Daly.)
  • A Focusing Trainer since 1995. (Focusing is a teachable way of self-directed therapy and emotional literacy.)
  • Schooled by thousands of hours in small groups of peers.
  • With Enlivening Edge, co-hosted online groups for reinventing organizations
  • Host / co-host of hundreds of hours of group exploration in small groups online, many connected to Art of Hosting community.
  • The concept of conscience as unconscious loyalty (usually associated with Hellinger) is central to me. I first developed in this essay, The Singular Place of Dual Blessing, and then in my book Evolutionary YOU.
  • Practitioner of David Bohm’s Dialogue group process locally, sometimes offer this online.
  • Interested in activism benefits from new and “deeper” ways of communicating. Connected to Extinction Rebellion and Deep Adaptation.
  • My view of now is that collapse is inevitable, catastrophe probable, and extinction possible (Jem Bendell’s wording) and that our civilizational death is also a rebirth.
  • Keen canoeist and outdoorsman.
  • I live in Perth, Ontario, near Canada’s capital, Ottawa.
  • Fan of singalongs, great writing and Aki Karismaki movies