Redefining Men

Future of Men

Rites of Passage for Growing Men


Elder, Coach

We feel isolated, impotent, stuck, failed, unworthy, can’t move, can’t launch, worried about the future, afraid to say what we want, hiding our truth voice, fearful, worried, powerless, untrusting. 

We’re in a box within a box. We don’t know how to question or challenge the walls of the box. The box gives you belonging. The seeker questions the box and is willing to test the box so he can get out. 

  • Do you know where you’re going and how you’re going to get there? Most men don’t. Our culture doesn’t support this. 
  • Young men can move into adulthood. Middle aged men can find their way. Old men can find their place and their life-lesson legacy. This is a spiritual adventure. 
  • Andrew is a pioneer in the modern men’s movements who’s led or co-led hundreds of hours of small groups. 





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