WE-SPACE Open Space (aka Keep the Beat!)

So what is it? This is a “videoconference;” it looks like little squares on a screen, you among them. Most people are surprised at how “real” it feels.

The  call is hosted by myself and the excellent Vihra Dincheva

The “wordie” image above is one that Gordon  made of  the  April 12, 2018 call. I invited some comments  from  participants and you can see them below! Here’s a picture of the group:

Before each call, Vihra and Andrew talk online (Andrew in Canada, she in Bulgaria) and see what is alive for us. That tends to influence where the call goes. It’s an emergent space in which we allow whatever needs to come forth to do so. Sometimes we call it UNPLANNING.

Come see what’s alive in the next call. Calls can be small, like above, or big. But even when big they tend to be “intimate,” since we can break down into small groups to get more air time.

The call time is 1pm Eastern, 5pm UTC (in the UK) and 6pm CET (Berlin). Lab members receive the link to call in.

Subscribe at the top of the page to join and get the link!

How this particular group started!

Art of Hosting is an international movement sharing practices for hosting Conversations that Matter.

Andrew (who’d been offering calls for some years) attended a three-day training AoH in Karlskrona, Sweden in the spring of 2017. Since Karlskrona the wonderful Vihra Dincheva , based in Sofia, Bulgaria, and I have been hosting this bi-weekly group to move forward those who want to use online technology for hosting their own calls. (That’s Vihra in the middle of the top row!) The group is now open to anyone with an idea, project or challenge they want to take to the next level. It’s an “incubation chamber” for what’s alive for evolutionary you, a place to practice. It’s also a place for “unplanning” and to let the new and unexpected show up for u – as it often does!

Lately the group has been playful and experimental, exploring the we-space in the moment.

You can join us  the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of every month at 19:00 CET and 13:00 Eastern time. Subscribers receive the login details.

A donation of 10 of whatever currency units are used where you are is welcomed but not required. Ten US dollars, Canadian, Euros, pesos. You can donate by clicking here.

Come join us already!


  1. Hi Andrew and Virha,
    thanks so much for arranging these calls, which are always an adventure, never knowing what will turn up, either in the group or myself.

    It gives me an important perspective on me. Since I am with me all the time, I tend to see myself as rather fixed. But interacting with others always brings up new parts of myself, and helps to open me to others opinions, and ways of seeing. Very valuable. Thanks again, Anna

  2. I have learned to manage my silence (at times) and try only intervening if I am confident I am doing it consciously. I am not always successful, but that is my journey.

    I observed and felt the warmth of the welcome I received, some verbal, and some of it visual, a smile, a friendly wave and it was collectively beautiful and genuine. When silence developed, I felt the difference between the recent Here and Now circle i joined, where participants expressed, their anxiety and yes some fear, in the silence, but not last night. I felt held, safely and securely and then the silence itself was named and concern was expressed for those who were silent – beautifully and intuitively caring, yet seemingly challenging. Like those who have jumped into a pool, encouraging others to join them!

    I became conscious of not being able to hold in my mind all that was being said, and although a recording was being taken, I started to jot down notes on key words, some sentiments, and perhaps my senses. This was to assist myself, and not intended to intrude on others contributions or emotions. When I revealed what i had done, i felt unsure how some might have received that news and wondered if i was misjudging the valence, or simply reflecting my sensitivity or insecurity.

    Today, on reflecting, I decided to complete the task of creating the “wordle” I had began. this is not intended to represent a comprehensive list or minutes etc, simply a gentle reflection of our journey, in conversation, in silence, in community. In this society, it seems community, silence and safety are more important than ever.

    i am not easily recognised as a creative individual, but i feel there is something in this to be proud of, for it represents – for me at least – that our journey began, was participated by others, and seemed at all times safe.

    So i share it with you, as my gift to each of you, in exchange for the time and love you offered me last evening. I truly hope you do not find it offensive, intrusive, disappointing or anything other than a gift, you can accept, receive or dismiss, whenever.

    I want to thank each of you, but particularly Andrew and Vihra, for holding us, so beautifully.

    Oh and one last question, in accepting the invitation to extend the invitation to others, might i share this invitees? Please do not feel afraid to say No. For this is ours, not a branding or label.

    Until the next time – soon i trust.

  3. As an avid fan of Vihra and Andrew’s work in the generative conversation ecosystem, I wholeheartedly recommend taking advantage of the opportunity, whenever presented to join them in their We Space explorations.

    It is a space where one and all are welcome, honored and invited to co-create and share an experience of safety, trust, caring, attentiveness, acceptance, and acknowledgment; and, be given an opportunity to contribute without expectation, demand, pre-requisite or limitation.

    They inspire and enact what the future of how we as human beings can connect, share and be together here and now. A very rare and special place to pull up a chair, sit together and share a virtual cup.

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