Simple Prescencing Practice

Would you like to join me in a 2-person process getting real, connected and “present” in the moment with another.

I learned this simple presencingĀ  practice from my friend Aryeh Katchen who learned it from Patricia Albere of the Evolutionary Collective who learned it from A.H. Almaas. It’s exceedingly simple and can blow away a lot of mental fog and abstraction. I imagine that doing it more often will bring that quality still more present. That’s why I’m doing it daily right now. You could think of it as a direct and simple form of mindfulness. Or a shared meditation.

Here are the bare bones. It takes two people and 30 minutes. I invite you to try it with a friend – or to make an appointment and experience it with me.

The question to work with is “What are you experiencing now?”

One person asks the other, “Jane, what are you experiencing now?”

“Jane” responds how she wishes for five minutes.

Use a time for each of the periods. It’s importantĀ  to use a timer so the tight focus on present experience remains and doesn’t just drift off.

Jane asks the other person, “Joe, what are you experiencing now?”

Joe speaks for five minutes, again with a timer.

Then you take five timed minutes together with the question, “What are we experiencing now?”

So that’s 15 minutes so far; the remaining 15 minutes simply let the conversation go where it will.

Does that sound exciting? Scary? It’s just a little bit scary to do for most of us, like pushing off a hilltop on skis. Presence may come as a side-effect of doing it, either first time or later. I find it helpful for busting the grasping, “get ahead” mind I’m often in and for helping Presence flow in my day.

It helps bust what John Heney calls our “personal isolating performance.” I’m interested in sharing this practice with others so take it away. There is no proprietary ownership on it.

Let me know if you’d like to do a 30 minute experiment / experience with this.