Coaching Changemakers and Men


Do some of these characteristics describe you?

  • You have a project or dream you’d love to accomplish you could use quick help with
  • Or maybe you’re isolated or disconnected from the mainstream political or social change conversation
  • You’ve felt that stranger-in-a-strange-land feeling. There are important parts of you that others don’t see, hear, or understood well.
  • You’re not living your gifts, at work, or perhaps play.

Here’s the short form of my philosophy of change: 1) Solutions come in the moment, more than we dared imagine, when our soulful presence is engaged. ) When you work with a coach or mentor you should feel from the start that this will be exciting and valuable for you. 3) Real change happens with others, in community not alone.

The collective intelligence of supportive teams and tribes is a prime resource in moving forward.


Men, the landscape of men’s challenges – our work with work, with partners, with our dreams, with the unique gifts and talents that we long to pour into the opening world – all this is little understood, little welcomed.

So very important. In my view it’s almost impossible to make a maximum contribution to life and society without the company of other good men to do it with. I invite you to a 30 minute call to explore and perhaps actually receive part of what you’re wanting. This is not a sales call but a positive learning experience for both of us, done in freedom and good vibes.