I’m Andrew MacDonald, originator of Evolutionary YOU. At present, I’m the only person offering one-to-one sessions here.

One-to-one work can help address issues that we feel are inappropriate, or perhaps too big, painful or ornery to be addressed in  group spaces dedicated to personal growth. I avail myself of one-to-one work myself and I think most of my peers do too. Each of us is growing and learning and sometimes we need close-in attention to tensions we’re holding.

Although I’m trained as a coach I prefer to work using “systemic constellations” in online video calls. That looks like creating a tableau, or outpicturing of the issue on the floor (or tabletop) so we can see it more clearly. By stepping onto the various components of the constellation, moving them as seems to be wanted, you learn a lot about how the parts work as a system and what helps bring ease and flow into the system.  The results can be striking and long-lasting as this new image percolates through your life.

One session can often bring something valuable forward. Or you may choose to revisit the issue annd check on its progress over time. It doesn’t matter how big an issue is. Longstanding life concerns are welcome too.

I use a very method of constellating that typically involves just a few elements. Whatever is present can express through those.


Human relations need a balance of giving and receiving if something good is to happen. The payment is an expression of the balance in the way we are with each other.
You can balance our time together in the spirit of a gift, and pay the amount that feels right for you. This is not the same as free. It’s an amount that makes you feel complete in the transaction.
Sometimes the effect of working together may not become fully apparent for a long time. There’s no way to measure.
 Giving back places you in the tradition of giving and receiving what we’re learning now. You join the lineage of giving and receiving that I’ve received from my teachers and friends.I hope that our work will help you help others in a way that nourishes you both.
One way to pick a good amount for you is to treat it like a game that reflects the value you’re receiving. This gives you a chance to practice generosity that you want. And it gives me a chance to feel the feeling of gratitude.
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