I, Thou and the Tao

​​A weekly zoom call for practicing Presence

​Call time is 11am-12pm EDT Tuesdays. (8am Pacific, 4pm UK, 5pm CET)


​Everything comes clear in Presence. It's just that we're often not present, and this is why we practice. 

  • ​Anyone may join who feels a "yes." ​If people want we will close the group later in order to do more together. 
  • ​We especially welcome what we don't know yet ​since​wisdom and heart, the good stuff emerge in the moment.
  • ​We​'re not so much about checking in with "our stuff" as us collectively sensing into what's emerging in the moment in the field between us. We support each other in seeing what's emerging in the group field.
  • These guidelines (which we probably won't say) give a flavor of what we're attending to.
  • Presence is taken seriously and held lightly.
  • Presence is the space in which the future emerges.

“I highly recommend this exploration and experience, based on being on 2 or 3 previous calls!! Wonderful people, wonderful experience. Highly expansive AND a good learning more about what it’s like to be in ‘shared mindfulness.'”


“I found it quite insightful, warm, welcoming and comforting. I surprised myself how I could hold a stronger presence with less distraction than usual. The deep listening out felt like it also contributed to senses emerging from a deeper inner place. As a newbie I felt safe and welcome in the space. With appreciation​"


​". . . ​feels like very meaningful moments we spent together"


​You're welcome if you feel so drawn ​. . . but

This call will not meet everyone’s wish list. It's about personal experience in the moment, not speculation about what's out there. It’s ​low on social chat and might well have periods of silence. It’s a practice, an exercise in mutually attending to what’s arising in the moment. It has elements of Bohmian Dialogue for those who love that or would like to experience a version of it. It’s a friendly human space filled with ordinary loving humans who feel a call to the greater field that holds us. ​