Hello Climate Change!

Spring 2018 pilot group: This was a four session virtual exploration into the personal experience of climate change. Ten or so participants participate in a virtual journey into the uncharted country of climate change. The picture above is the first group – see some of their comments below!

We held four sessions over one month. This was short as we just began our exploration. There’s a great deal more we can do to explore this territory together.

Hello Climate Change! starts again this spring, beginning Tuesday, May 7th. The conversations will be online via simple and powerful videoconference technology. I expect people from all over the world.

This isn’t the conversation about carbon in the air and rising seas, things we know about. It’s about what we don’t know about yet, what climate change means to us and what we want to do about it. It uses the collective intelligence of the group to deeply see how awareness of future collapse is informing and changing our lives now. It’s a welcoming “room” for what’s showing up inside us when we consider the future for ourselves, our family – and even the human family since we belong to that too. The underlying assumption is, in the words of Jem Bendell who’s summary of the science is current and thorough, that “system collapse is inevitable, catastrophe is probable, and extinction possible.”
Please contact me andrewcartermacdonald at gmail dot com if you’d like to participate in Hello Climate Change!.
There will be seven Tuesdays starting May 7th at 1pm Eastern, 10 Pacific, 6pm GMT, 7 CET, etc. Each will be 90 minutes long
Hello Climate Change! is offered on a gift basis (see below).
Check in with yourself if this is something that’s right for you to do now.

Participant Lynn Thomas, PhD, writes:

The Hello Climate Change! is just what I’ve been wanting without even knowing I wanted it. I volunteer regarding climate change and reversing it through drawdown.  I’m in groups that include looking at the issue with body, mind and spirit.  Yet the questions we work with here and the approach of awareness of the group field/intelligence are completely fresh for me and I find myself growing as a sacred activist even more.
Eric Hansen, Ph.D., President, Economic Transformations Group, In.

I’m getting that this question about climate change as it really approaches me and others at our emotional core, I find that to be something I hadn’t paid that much attention to and the extent to which any activist movement  really needs that kind of caretaking – where are we with that emotion – and to bring the whole person into that. 

John Eastcott (carpenter):

I’ve been carrying a lot of the weight of that conversation  on my own and sharing it with [my partner] and others who are open to it but it’s my perception that the opportunities  to connect in that way are rare, but the online group in that space that you created in the we-space, there’s really a lot of immediacy and presence. I can fully be present for myself and others in that space in a way that seems harder in everyday conversation . . .

Some social proof of my work is here.


Heidi Hendersson did a series of in-depth interviews with young sustainability students around their future. To a person, they weren’t able to imagine a realistic future for themselves and their work – and they had no place or language to talk about that. This is a place where we can sit with this question of climate and survival, for ourselves and others who wanted to sit with us.

It’s a virtual room but it’s not a gloomy room. A a place to welcome this strange guest, the unknown future and share how it is for us to be in relationship with it. What might we learn?

To register or explore further contact  Andrew here. We’ll find a good time when there are about a dozen participants, the maximum number who will be journeying together.


I’m learning, and it seems to me that the community is learning, about what an economy based on the gift looks and feels like. It doesn’t look like traditional payment! At the same time, it’s not the same as “free!” Sovereign humans recognize and respect the a balance of giving and receiving that mark our lives, especially when what is important to us is concerned. Without a reciprocity, it’s hard for all of us to fully receive gifts and let them in because we feel incomplete. The true equality of “giver” and “receiver” isn’t seen.
So the request is for participants who are receiving from the group experience to sense inside what give-back creates the feeling of generosity and completion that honors the work and allows it to take its place in the world. It’s an opportunity to experience generosity around the work and it gives me the opportunity  to experience gratitude.
You can send gifts for favours received to my paypal address. At present it’s all I have. Thanks for being part of this energy exchange with me!
You join the lineage of giving and receiving that I’ve received from my teachers and friends. Most recently the excellent Khuyen Bui!

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  1. I also took part in the virtual canoe trip into unexplored country of talking about climate change. I found during the 4 weeks I was more aware, more engaged, tenderer of heart, troubled, grieving, and feeling accompanied on the way.

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