​​Hello Climate Change!

  • ​Live, welcoming,​ ​dialogues​ ONLINE
  • Explore ​with others adapting to your personal climate future 
  • Safe, respectful, and enlivening.
  • Experiential, ​a big step beyond ​FB
  • ​A dynamic protocol you ​clean learn and use locally
  • ​Discover your place in climate activist culture​ 
  • ​Drop-in, come to one or all of seven weekly calls! 
  • ​See my "secret intention" below 🙂 

​Hi, and welcome. If you're interested and concerned or worried as can be about the climate / adaptation  tsunami, I invite you to come check out Hello Climate Change! as an engaging way to relate the issues to how they're showing up in your life. ​Safe, welcoming, and an instance of the future we'd like to live in.

Here are a few words about me

A few about me as group host!  .

​What we do! 

​We'​ll ​use this simple exercise for being with climate change and apply it to different aspects of climate. For example our relationship to our local community, what we don't know yet, how much risk to take, our personal place in the climate ecosystem, things like that.
​Then we share what came in a small group, and go back to the larger group to see what's landing for us  

True thing: In a good intentional group, it sometimes happens that people feel more heard, seen and understood then they've been their entire lives. 

​Hello Climate Change is:

  • ​Personal, experiential, enlivening
  • ​Provides respect and freedom for you to do it your way
  • Every meeting ​attempts to be an instance of the engaged future we'd like to ​inhabit
  • ​Each meeting is stand-alone so come for ​one or all
  • ​​​Invites what is true and real for ​you at every step. Activism and authenticity are connected.  ​
  • ​Tools we use: powerful questions (a la Peter Block), elements from systemic constellations, Presencing

    We can ​learn to show up as we've never ​shown up before!

​Next: Friday, October 4, 1pm Eastern

Social fabric is created one room at a time, the one we are in at the moment.​- Peter Block, who's protocols inspired much of this ​work.

​Hello Climate Change! is offered on a Gift basis

​You're invited  to offer a Gift based on value received, ability to pay and your interest in supporting this work in the world. 

​I'll acknowledge each gift personally!


The Hello Climate Change! is just what I’ve been wanting without even knowing I wanted it. I volunteer regarding climate change and reversing it through drawdown.  I’m in groups that include looking at the issue with body, mind and spirit.  Yet the questions we work with here and the approach of awareness of the group field/intelligence are completely fresh for me and I find myself growing as a sacred activist even more.

​Lynn Thomas

/ Activist


Though, I’m a lover of Truth and have a daily spiritual practice, the interaction with Andrew has exponentially provided a sense of presence that lingers even after our short dialogue. It’s helped me to be grounded in Presence with my personal relationships as well as a consultant and facilitator.

​​Chiara Borello
​/ ​Organizational Consultant


I've been carrying a lot of the weight of that [climate change] conversation  on my own and sharing it with [my partner] and others who are open to it but it’s my perception that the opportunities  to connect in that way are rare, but the online group in that space that you created in the we-space, there’s really a lot of immediacy and presence.  I can fully be present for myself and others in that space in a way that seems harder in everyday conversation . . .

​John Eastcott

​/Stay-at-home Dad