Hello Climate Change​               

​E​xploring the landscape of Climate Change and Deep Adaptation

​Starts in September

​The pilot group

​For 11 hours over seven weeks we'll explore the landscape of the ​our future in very personal terms. We'll do it together in a strong respectful container, live with others. 

Because we're doing it together, you'll learn from the collective experience of ​others, how they are holding this experience. And you'll contribute to them ​too. 

​You choose the price that respects the work and your financial situation.

​​"It's doing it alone that makes it so hard to see ​and feel into a collective, global situation like ​we're facing. We default to the ​social norm of denial at every turn."

​I'm Andrew MacDonald, ​host and f​ull participant on this journey. Having been so fed and nourished by ​what we can feel, be, and do together that we can't do alone, I'm wanting to continue exploring this with others. 

​If you feel called, come and jump in with us!

​The course starts September, dates to be announced. Your pre-registration will help the course to take shape. Please indicate  your interest by clicking below.

This is​ NOT the conversation about carbon in the air and rising seas, things we may already know about.

It’s about what we don’t know about yet, what climate change means to us, how we can be with it.

​We'll use the collective intelligence of the group to deeply see how awareness of future collapse is informing and changing our lives now. It’s a welcoming place for what’s showing up inside us when we consider the future for ourselves, our families – and very much the human family and the rest of nature since we belong profoundly to them too. The underlying assumption is, in the words of Jem Bendell who’s summary of the science is current and thorough, that “system collapse is inevitable, catastrophe is probable, and extinction possible.”