Hello Climate Change Log, Day 2


It was a good day yesterday. We took the risk and set out. I’m happy you’re on the journey up this river with us. Thanks for showing up. You know it couldn’t happen without you, right?

You’ll get a short note each day, inviting contribution to the group of any kind from you – doesn’t have to relate to my words. Bill or others may write them too. Dissenting or strange thoughts are welcome.

Please feel free to throw something into the middle, keep our spirits up, bring chocolate or drinks, whatever.

Photo by Jonathan Forage on Unsplash

The thoughts I’m holding on top are this: What we find or learn, where we go, depends on us which also means depends on you.

Being with others who are also subject to the system-wide challenge we are in is literally our existential situation. It’s where we are every day walking about in the big old world or at home folding our socks. Part of each of us continues to track the big picture.

Our canoe journey is a focusing and distillation of the already-present reality. But it’s not different. The trip we’re on is one we’ve been on and the one we’re on for the rest of our lives. What’s happening here?

It’s as if we’re talking over the fire at night. Put another log on the fire, throw something into the silence if there’s something there for you!


  1. Imagine what is like for young ones who have been aware of climate change early on! Afraid that their world will end before they developed strong daily self-protection tools like denial…

  2. Today I have just heard that a dear close friend we committed to support though whatever is coming to her, has just found out she has 3 months of life left with the return of brain cancer. Somehow that resonates with the fear place in me about what we have done and are doing to our planet.

  3. We are all on a journey into the dark unknown, and this has always been so. That which we require—and this has, also, always been so—is our light. We will make this journey together, and come to wholeness, to wilderness, where we will perish in grief and gratitude before the mystery, and give up our treasure to the storm.

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