Evolutionary YOU

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Bill Kauth, co-founder of the Mankind Project (and author of A Circle of Men, and We Need Each Other: Building Gift Community) wrote in while reading, “I’ve now gotten into the scenius stuff and can hardly stand it… have to go eat or drink something to chill a bit.  It’s just too exciting.

Evolutionary YOU is an announcement about what’s possible now.

It’s about the quest to discover ​the personal and collective future in a world in which change itself is changing. ​​

Drawing on conversations with “evolutionaries” ​from some two dozen countries – and insights from systemic constellations – Evolutionary YOU invites you into the landscape of the personal future. And there’s some very good news: While the future won’t be what it used to be, it may just be what we’ve always wanted – if we’re bold enough to claim it!

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