Evolutionary Calls

Community Calls

Hmmmm . . . How do we evolve and become more ourselves when the mainstream culture doesn’t have us as its priority?
One answer: We practice being radically ourselves in micro-cultures for this purpose. We practice finding and holding our truths in a collective (and the skills we learn help us be change agents in the wider society).

The groups below are safe and fun ways to explore the boundary between our truth and that of others. Inexpensive or free. They’re changing and evolving as we evolve and grow.

Hope to see you on the inside!

Climate Change Activist Accountability Group

How can we upgrade our response to climate change? How can we move behind reactivity, hopelessness, inadequacy, anxiety, depression in the face of the juggernaut that is climate change (or as George Monbiot in his new book has renamed it, Climate Breakdown)?

There are many excellent overviews of how very serious the situation is, how unprecedentedly serious it is. This lecture by Dr Aaron Thierry at the University of Sheffield, hosted by the Carbon Neutral University Network, is extremely good and will give you a thorough “one-place” grounding in what we’re up against. But you likely know that and this group is not about the science but about our inspired evolutionary response. What can we do in the time and place we are now?

Climate change is not an individual problem and it doesn’t have an individual solution. Part of the solution is busting out of the paradigm of the impotent individual into that of the empowered connection where we’re accountable to our peers. That’s what we’re working on building here. We don’t know how to do it but trust that evolution will step in and be part of educating ourselves.

Being part of the solution is how we move with “the world” that we are part of, whether it’s the world of science, culture, academia, medicine. We have the ability and the power to be part of the solution wherever we are.

We’ll come together as agents of change and work with our own truths and feelings around climate change.

The first meeting will take place on Tuesday, October 21st at 1:00pm Eastern time for 75 minutes. RSVP through the mailing list (register on any page on this site).

Keep the Hosting Beat

Click here for the next call, Thursday September 28th at 1pm Eastern,  7pm CET, etc.  This is a bi-weekly online group open to anyone with an idea, project or challenge they want to develop. Originally a community for people who’d like to host conversations themselves – online or in person –  the group is now open to anyone with an idea, project or challenge they want to take to the next level. It can also help you find that project for yourself. Come practice, get clearer on what’s possible for you and your evolutionary project.

The group is held the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of every month at 13:00 Eastern time and is hosted by Andrew MacDonald and Vihra Dincheva. Subscribers receive the login details.

(See below for donation information and registration)

Bohmian Dialogue

Click here to see what it’s about. My blog post about starting  a Dialogue group here. Next call in October. Dates coming soon.

Enlivening Edge Community Calls (supporting Next-stage Organizations)

Every organization has its own “operating system” based on its primary assumptions and it’s values. As the world shifts organizations are striving to upgrade their values and work from the highest human values. Doing so they are able to leverage “collective intelligence” and make for extraordinary community within the organization.  Enlivening Edge is a nexus for that conversation and the Community Conversations are live evolutionary explorations which you can join!

There’s a fundamental skills call on the first Thursday and an evolutionary exploration on the third, both at 13:00 Eastern. A truly international gathering of about 15-20 people.

Donation and Registration

Calls are by donation (donations are invited but not required.) We invite 10EUR per call, which enable us to Keep the Hosting Beat going! You determine what feels right for you. Everything is welcomed. Monetary contributions cover Vihra’s and Andrew’s effort for organising, add to a pot for further development of the calls, and give back to the AoH community.

You can make your contribution (before or soon after the call) here https://www.paypal.me/HostingSpaces

No PayPal but want to contribute? Just drop a line and we’ll find what works best.