Evolutionary Coaching

How can I help?

I’ve been successful in helping communities and organizations to find their purpose through building collective intelligence among the members. I can help the organization communicate so that 1) the personal voice of members, and 2) the group intention start to influence each other.

New life and forward movement proceeds from a collaborative conversation in from which a new whole emerges by itself. That conversation is my gift.

I also have success in helping individuals find their unique voice and contribution. We do this through a generative conversation. Although I’m a Certified Coach (with Four Gateways Coaching in Boulder, CO) and have experience with many modalilties, I don’t see coaching as doing any one thing.

What helps both individuals and communities move forward and even awaken is the experience of different perspectives. A new perspective that is deeply your own can catalyzes life-changing movement.

Because I spend a huge amount of time with individuals and groups in which we’re reaching together  for the wider perspective that shifts everything, I’m sensitive to its presence and emergence. It’s this practice I offer you.


A profound give and take is a part of this exchange. The work is life-changing so a lot will be taken.

The cost is $100 USD / hour.