You’ve studied up on climate change and you don’t know what to do. You have a thousand troubles on your mind. You know a lot. None of it is helping enough. You are alone with your troubles much of the time in a small silo you realize has always been there. You can’t imagine what it’s like outside.
You’ve heard all the words about your situation, taken the courses. You’re sort of successful and your very success makes you feel lonely because you realize that wasn’t it either.
This climate change has you spooked. You’ve no idea how to speak of it or even if it’s possible or desirable. No one reflects back to you the way you feel. The little that does come back reminds you how dry is the desert.
‚ÄčIt’s not turned out how you hoped and now all this, this further mess, confusion upon confusion.
If you weren’t so self-aware and cool, it would drive you nuts!