The Climate Change Blindspot

I love what this unpublished research tells us about climate change, and how we might address the future. For her Master’s thesis, my friend Heidi Hendersson conducted in-depth interviews with Swedish students who were planning for a career in sustainable living. Believing in the power of story and narrative, she had them write the story of climate change up to the present moment. Then she then had them project the story forward into the future […]

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Hamburg and the Future of Protest

It was exciting to see so many people on the streets in Hamburg in search of a better future. We all want a better future but here it’s on the march. People are getting out and showing it to each other. But there’s very little coherence and deep resonance on the streets here. Little of the coherence and deep resonance that I know you’ve tapped into and felt and are probably trying hard to manifest. […]

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How change might come

It seems that the world is going through a lot of changes. We’re working hard on ourselves as well, doing what we can. In this post I’ll share what I and many friends like you are finding is most helpful for addressing both of these challenges, the outer and the inner. I’ll start with an observation (from Peter Block) that analysis is interesting but it’s not powerful. A better analysis doesn’t by itself lead to […]

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unknown river

A word from the unknown

Life coming out of the unknown, streaming out of the future like a river or a breeze that’s blowing on your face from far away. When I don’t know it feels like a field that has a path in it, but I don’t know where the path is. There is one that I will take but I won’t know where it is until I find my feet walking on it. Facing the many possible paths […]

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start a bohmian dialogue

Start a Bohmian Dialogue Group

For the past four or five years I’ve been in a group that’s been practicing the Dialogue process, based on the work of David Bohm. It’s a remarkably stable and powerful “field” that the group, generates meeting after meeting, and a wonderful connection and friendship between members. Here’s a bit about it and what you need to start one where you are. Prominent nuclear physicist David Bohm who’s interest was “the unified field” spent much […]

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