What’s “Too Much Information” ?

Sitting in a sun-dappled parlour a while ago, some friends and I were talking about TMI and TLI. Too Much and Too Little information. We discovered that we definitely wanted to know more. Where do we look foolish sharing too much – and what does it matter if we do? We all have a private side. Patricia Sun said that we’d do well to decrease the gap between our public selves and private selves. And […]

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The Singular Place of Dual Blessing

This essay points to what I feel is a powerful point of leverage in individual and group awakening . . . the place where the two overlap. Have a look, feel free to share and to contact me with any thoughts or observations. I’m seeing if this wants to be a book late in 2016. . It’s an exploration into the “I” and the “we-space” (the inside experience of being a member of a group) […]

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What can’t be done alone!

I’ve been taking a little time off to reflect on what I want to create. Basically I see myself as building community for the journey home. I’m feeling pleased and excited to be back with some new clarity and some specific offerings. You can see them below.

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