women and men part 2

Two Stories of Women and Men – Part 2

In Part 1 I shared two stories of women and men that I’d heard in the previous week. In one story a group of men supported a group of women who were defending a sacred site in Ireland. They stood outside the circle of women, protecting it and this gift was deeply felt by the women. In the other a mixed group of men and women who were exploring inner feelings and new consciousness gradually […]

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Listening in to the Listening Circle!

What happens in the Listening Circle This listening circle might be the simplest of all forms for going deep with others. That doesn’t mean it’s easy! Perhaps a metaphor explains it best! It’s as if travelers from many different directions meet at the appointed hour. Perhaps one or two will show up, perhaps many more. Each of us brings a rich experience of being human and it’s our reflection on that personal experience we’re listening […]

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A Transformative Heap Of Rubbish

If I heard him correctly Bayo Akomalafe spoke of the world we’re striving to awaken in as “a transformative heap of rubbish.” I love his instincts and I like this phrasing of it. It helps me today with the too rigid categories I woke up in this morning, like waking up in a jail. My little brain like a lego set in a dysfunctional world! We like to have a neat and tidy narrative, our […]

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