Can I help?

Can I help, with online guiding, mentoring or support?

I think that each of us has something vitally important to do and be, something that’s just ours! This thing matters deeply to us. It even matters to those we know and to the world. Really! Because there’s something only we can do.

This “thing” is partly in the realm of doing – like a mission – but it also goes to the heart of who we are.

It’s tempting to do it all on our own, but the thing is, we’re part of a collective endeavor. There is no “alone.” We’re learning together and together we see things that we miss on our own. Other people and experiences with them are our stepping stones as we cross the river.

I have my mentors and most of my peers do too. Whether a paid professional or not, this function is a part of life.

How I can help

I have a simple and effective process for helping you bring your “mission” into  your life so you can find out more about it. It goes under the general heading of “systemic constellations.” A constellation situates you in relation to what you want and to other parts of your life whose connection to your mission isn’t so clear.

This usually looks like creating a tableau, an outpicturing of the issue on the floor (or tabletop) so you can see it more clearly. As you step into the various parts of the “constellation,” moving them as seems to be wanted, you learn a lot about how what you want is part of a system and what will help love flow in the system.  The results can be striking and long-lasting as this new image percolates through your life.

We can start by just chatting and exploring for a half-hour. Maybe something good can happen even there! Click here to schedule the half-hour!

One session can often bring something valuable forward. Or you may choose to revisit the issue and check on its progress over time. It doesn’t matter how big an issue is. Longstanding life concerns are welcome too.

Let me know if I can help!

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You can balance our time together in the spirit of a gift, and pay an amount that feels right for you. This is not the same as free. It’s an amount that makes you feel complete in the transaction. Over time we need a balance of giving and receiving if something good is to happen. The payment balances how we are with each other.

One way to pick a good amount for you is to treat it like a game that reflects the value you’re receiving. Perhaps something between $50 and $150. Or less or more in exceptional circumstances. This gives you a chance to practice the generosity you love. And it gives me a chance to feel the feeling of gratitude.

As your “mission” comes to life, your life’ll profoundly change. There’s no way to measure exactly what did it . . . because really, life did it! Everything did it! You join the lineage of giving and receiving that I’ve received from my guides, mentors and supporters. I hope that our work will help you help others in a way that nourishes you both.

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