I offer personal coaching sessions online. You can book a free 30 minute session to see if we’re a good fit to work together. We’ll know! These are high energy and fun in themselves and I highly recommend you try one, even if you’re not sure you “really need to.” There is zero sales happening on the call.

Even very deep issues in our life, in or family or systems for example, come up eventually in groups because they’re already part of us. But sometimes we want to go more deeply or quickly than we can in groups and sometimes we’d like to do it more privately.

I have my mentors and I think most of my peers do too. Whether a paid professional or not, this function is a part of life.

What happens in a 30 minute call?

We might just do the Simple Presencing Process and let come what comes. Sometimes the issue shows up beautifully just with that and it’s evident what needs to happen next. If you wish you can book a session you can do so then, or sometimes just continue. What happens next might look like a systemic constellation. This can show deeper parts of what’s most important and current for you now. I use a simple form of constellation that you may not directly recognize from the link just above.

Click here to book a session or to inquire with to me about it.

It doesn’t matter how big an issue is. Longstanding life concerns are welcome and responsive to constellation work. One session might bring a huge movement forward. Or you may choose to revisit the issue in a month and check on progress over time.


You can balance our time together in the spirit of  the Gift by paying an amount that feels right for you. This is not the same as free. It’s an amount that makes you feel complete in the transaction, generous and honoring of what you’ve received.
Payments are made by paypal here, or speak to me and we’ll make an arrangement. Don’t let money stop you from participating.

One way to pick a good amount for you is to treat it like a game that reflects the value you’re receiving. Perhaps something between $50 and $150. Or less or more. This gives you a chance to practice the generosity you love. And it gives me a chance to feel the feeling of gratitude.

As your mission comes to life for you, your life will profoundly change. There’s no way to measure exactly what did it . . . because really, life did it! Everything did it! You join the lineage of giving and receiving that I’ve received from my guides, mentors and supporters. I hope that our work will help you help others in a way that nourishes you both.

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Or you can contact me to request a session or to discuss it: