Bohmian Dialogue

David Bohm was a nuclear physicist who interest in the unified field led him to explore (in the 1980s) how the field might be experienced in consciousness. Since the field is unified it must be there as well, in what he called the implicate order.

He called together groups in which participants could drop down below the customary assumptions that he felt, blocked the experience of the underlying unity.

I (Andrew) is privileged to be part of a group that’s worked his tradition for 15 years or so (I’ve been a member since about 2012-13). We have a set of guidelines, originally put together by Tom Yeomans of the Concord Institute in New England. I’ve adapted them into my own words below.  Typically we read them  aloud before  the Dialogue. If you read them out loud you’ll get a sense of where it goes.

The Evolutionary Lab is offering a monthly Bohmian Group beginning in February, 2018. If you’re interested, please let me know (via the Contact Page or any email from me). If you haven’t done online group work previously, I will likely recommend the Beginner’s Mind Lab first. Some people are a little disoriented in the Dialogue and don’t get full benefit.

“I highly recommend this exploration and experience, based on being on 2 or 3 previous calls!! Wonderful people, wonderful experience. Highly expansive AND a good learning more about what it’s like to be in ‘shared mindfulness.'” (Alia Aurami, Enlivening Edge)

“I found it quite insightful, warm, welcoming and comforting. I surprised myself how I could hold a stronger presence with less distraction than usual. The deep listening out felt like it also contributed to senses emerging from a deeper inner place. As a newbie I felt safe and welcome in the space. With appreciation …” (who was it who said that now? :))