Being-with-Climate-Change ​



Thursday, August 1st

​2pm Eastern, 11am Pacific, 7pm UK etc. (90 minutes)

Most of our thoughts and feelings​ about climate change are kept safely private. It's the social norm after all!

But ​sharing them in a respectful setting brings SOMETHING NEW! 


​​Here's the link to join at call time.

​Thursday, August 1st

​2pm Eastern, 11am Pacific, 7pm UK etc. (90 minutes)

​(If you're not used to zoom, please join a few moments earlier so everything's set up.       You'll probably find it quite simple.)

This is what we did last time (July 14th).

What we'll actually do this time isn't decided yet. We'll definitely directly and powerfully "meet" how climate change (and deep adaptation) are living in us, and reflect togetheron what we're finding. 

​Come join us!

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  1. Meg Galanti wrote me: To be on the online group on the 14th has helped me to clarify to myself that I am at ease with the two sides in me that deal with climate change. One side thinks that “premature” extinction is probable and the other side thinks that NEVERTHELESS it is worth doing something to try and prevent it.
    The active side in me and the more contemplative one are ready to work together as well as work with peers to build a communal resilience.
    Thank you so much Andrew and Group for this inspirational and experiential practice!

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