Andrew MacDonald


This little fable based on a 2019 dream is one way to say something about me and what’s important to me.

Here are some facts:

  • I live in the town of Perth, Ontario, near Canada’s capital, Ottawa.
  • Raised as a Catholic with early thoughts of becoming a priest but lost that faith in university.
  • Caught up in the drama and furor of the 60s.
  • Worked as freelance editor, government writer, and for small publications, especially Everyman Men’s Journal (dubbed best men’s publication by Warren Farrell) for which I was the first editor and frequent contributor. Wrote some 80 articles, columns and stories for it.
  • Worked as a freelance editor
  • I successfully or crazily avoided a  one-path full-time career and have been a long-term student of many forms of self-development under various spiritual and worldly teachers – and under none.
  • Co-developer of some nine Canadian conferences focused on men’s issues and development, attended by women and men.
  • A Focusing Trainer since 1995. Focusing is a way of self-directed therapy and emotional literacy that can be taught to others.
  • A 4Gateways Coach since about 2007.  4Gateways is a method of evoking soul wisdom developed by ritual elder Tom Daly.
  • Small groups have been a lifeline for me. I’ve spent a lot of time exploring how participation in groups helps our self-development.
  • Offered or co-offered online groups for international organizations
  • I continue to learn that group work is a gift that keeps on giving and have offered (and more often co-offered) many hundreds of hours of group exploration in WE-SPACES online.
  • Much influenced by Bert Hellinger’s Family Constellations and came to realize more about the importance of systems.
  • Hellinger’s idea about conscience is connected to personal loyalties opened up a door for me that I developed the idea in this essay, The Singular Place of Dual Blessing, and then much further in my book Evolutionary YOU.
  • I’ve long been in a local group doing Dialogue, after David Bohm and sometimes offer a way of working with David Bohm’s Dialogue online.
  • I lived off-grid in the country for some time before selling my place and moving to town.
  • I ‘m keenly interested in climate and sustainability and how activism benefits from new and “deeper” ways of communicationg. I’m connected to Extinction Rebellion and Deep Adaptation.
  • I agree with Professor Jem Bendell and his formulation that (paraphrasing) collapse is inevitable, catastrophe probable, and extinction possible.
  • I’ve been a keen canoeist and outdoorsman.
  • Not eating any animal products has been a good teacher for me.
  • I like singalongs, great writing and Aki Karismaki movies
  • I like to watch educational youtube videos focused on big issues, gender issues, free speech and transpartisanship, sustainability.
  • And then sometimes there’s music.