Groups basically saved my life from isolation and alienation and showed a way forward based on mutual learning. Over thirty years of intense interest I’ve grown to love and trust their power to transform lives – and myself.

I live in the town of Perth, Ontario, in Lanark Country near Canada’s capital,  Ottawa.

I’m a:

  • A keen canoeist and outdoorsman and love exploring outside of known systems.
  • A lover of singalongs, literature, and
  • Fan of Aki Karismaki movies
  • Raised as a Catholic with early thoughts of becoming a priest but left that behind in university
  • An errant hippie in the 60s and long thereafter resisted the mainstream and settling down.
  • Worked for small publications, especially Everyman Men’s Journal for which I was the first editor and as a freelance editor and contract writer.
  • Successfully or crazily avoided a full-time career and was a student of the mystical traditions under various teachers and none.  The pathless path of mutual discovery in groups is unendingly interesting  to me as we mutually discover a way forward.
  • A Focusing Trainer since 1995
  • A 4Gateways Coach (Tom Daly, Boulder) but generally prefer working in groups.
  • Lover of Systemic and Family Constellations and have been developing a non-invasive “Systemic Consciousness” methodology.

I’m the author  of Evolutionary YOU: Discovering  the depths of radical change.