About Presencing Practice

A simple and powerful mutual practice of orienting to what’s true.

I find this deceptively simple practice of mutual sharing making a big difference in my life and in the life of others. Presencing practice invites us to share our inner experience, whatever it is, right now in the moment., with another. I learned it from my friend Aryae Katchen who learned it from Patricia Albere who learned it from A.H. Almaas, a contemporary Sufi teacher. I don’t know where it originated.

It sounds scary at first, like a very cold shower. Its counterintuitivity and unexpectedness is part of its gift. For me, the gifts prove to be many.

The basic form can be adapted in many ways but at its simplest, as I understand it, the process is:

Two people do three timed periods (5 minutes for example). 1. Person A asks person B, “what are you experiencing now?”and is then simply silently present 2. Reverse roles. 3. The two mutually discuss, “What are we experiencing now?” What has arisen in the shared space so far. The two can then go on to explore a subject that came up for a set period, divide the time into two in which each person speaks to something they’re interested in and receives, if wanted, some generative reflection.

Presencing carries many of the benefits of meditation, much aided by the second person connection and a practical, carrying forward aspect. It tends to be energizing and fun, occasionally scary and we let that be OK too. Because it’s an exploration of the moment, Presencing is always new.

It has a playful quality too. My “playful Presencing guidelines” carry a little of that flavor.

Presencing is a shared mindfulness and a very different experience from doing mindfulness on one’s own. It can show a new way of showing up in the world – beyond the isolating personal performance our conditioning invites us into. It has wide application and I do it often or daily with many different people. It dramatically widening my world in many ways.

Presencing is often a natural fit for people who have been doing mindfulness practices or group work for a while. But anybody’s welcome to give it a try. Make sure you’re subscribed for practice opportunities.

A committed (closed to new members) group starting in the fall of 2019 will use Presencing Practice as a core element. We’ll continue to use it and work together with what shows up to support our life direction. If you’re interested in this intensive small group work, contact me and we can explore that possibility.

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  1. To be on the online group on the 14th has helped me to clarify to myself that I am at ease with the two sides in me that deal with climate change. One side thinks that “premature” extinction is probable and the other side thinks that NEVERTHELESS it is worth doing something to try and prevent it.
    The active side in me and the more contemplative one are ready to work together as well as work with peers to build a communal resilience.
    Thank you so much Andrew and Group for this inspirational and experiential practice!

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