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​The way forward isn't given to ​us on a platter . . . 

​It's claimed!

The world doesn't welcome what's most important to you, what only you can do​ and only you can say. It ​seems to have no place for your unique voice.

​Claiming our truths, our unique voice, our purpose shines a light through the fog​. It burns through ​the sense of anxiety, depression, and ​helplessness. 

But claiming our voice can't be done alone. We need witnesses, fellow explorers, companions. This site - for spiritual practitioners, activists, artists and ​inner and outer world changers - explores the ideas and builds community for this purpose.

​​​The Lab is on a quest to ​learn what ​​personal, creative​, support looks like. ​​

​Come join in and help us accomplish this . . . by ​starting your own personal support ​network and sharing how it's going, contributing to the pool of knowledge. Make sure you're connected through email as we explore this. ​

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Andrew MacDonald here!​ ​What I notice is that we're so ​isolated with all this change around us - often caught in an isolating personal performance to make ​disconnection work. But it can't work. 

​My desire is to increase my personal support network and to help you grow yours​​, rapidly and powerfully. I see a world where everyone has the support they need and deserve​​​​​!​​​


​Andrew ​lives in Perth, Ontario! Favourite quote! 

​The​ fable-poem below is about the journey beyond polarization, beyond us and them and the way of the Matrix​.

​​​A short ​guided meditation​ about welcoming ​the unknown future as a visitor. 

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"When you break up the individuals from a community into individual units, they become disempowered because it's the collective consciousness and the collective energy of the group from which power comes.

Bruce Lipton


The Hello Climate Change! is just what I’ve been wanting without even knowing I wanted it. I volunteer regarding climate change and reversing it through drawdown.  I’m in groups that include looking at the issue with body, mind and spirit.  Yet the questions we work with here and the approach of awareness of the group field/intelligence are completely fresh for me and I find myself growing as a sacred activist even more.

Lynn Thomas, Ph.D.


Though, I’m a lover of Truth and have a daily spiritual practice, the interaction with Andrew has exponentially provided a sense of presence that lingers even after our short dialogue. It’s helped me to be grounded in Presence with my personal relationships as well as a consultant and facilitator.

Chiara Borello

Organizaional Consultant


I’ve been carrying a lot of the weight of that [climate change] conversation  on my own and sharing it with [my partner] and others who are open to it but it’s my perception that the opportunities  to connect in that way are rare, but the online group in that space that you created in the we-space, there’s really a lot of immediacy and presence.  I can fully be present for myself and others in that space in a way that seems harder in everyday conversation . . .

​John Eastcott