Group explorations

Welcome to the We-Space Lab, one of many emergent explorations on the planet in this time of astonishing change and transformation.

Here are the Lab’s questions: “​What’s the best way for ME to be part of the change?” Or “What’s the best way for MY ORGANIZATION to be part of the change?”

Each of us is different! Each of us has our own needs, our own visions. Each of us has a unique contributions to make.

We all have our own voice which is unlike anyone else’s.

We each have our own way that no one else can walk for us.

But none of us can do it alone!

We come together in intentional conversations, WE-SPACES to do what we can’t do separately.

The resources we need turn out to be each other. We have all we need to do this!

The Lab’s operating principles are

1) Self-responsibility and 2) Relationship / Collaboration.

Self-responsibility and Cooperative exploration exist in a dynamic relationship like yin and yang or man and woman.

We work with individuals and consult with organizations and teams as well. We have room for you to work with us.


We use successful methodologies that have worked very well for most people and that we’re experienced in. Each step is energetically an example of the future we want to live in. As you work with them in your own life you learn practical skills for your evolutionary journey that you can take take with you wherever you go: into your local communities, other online work, ​or wherever you go in your life.

Like a “beginner’s meditation,” the fundamentals continue to serve you.



But you may want to go on and deepen and explore to build what you want and need for yourself or for each other.

We’re becoming a learning community. Our greatest resources are each other. We don’t know all that is possible here.

Remember, as we say around here, at any given moment, MARVELOUS THINGS WILL PROBABLY HAPPEN!