Small Steps to Community and Presence

Many of us sense we’re in a time of Big Trouble and wonder, as I do, what to do, how we can contribute. We’re longing for community, for a sense of presence and belonging.

This site contains reflections and celebrations for those who are feeling some of this. It has invitations to online video groups where we “wander” together.

Valentine’s Day 2019

But why speak of “wandering”? Because we don’t know the way. We’re out beyond the orthodoxies and the known roads. This wandering is a pilgrimage whose destination and route aren’t known yet we travel together. Companions walk together for a while as we explore the common landscape we’re in. Together we become a learning community. We’re wiser and more prepared together and we have more fun.

Though we’re not theological we often use the word Presence, to refer to the experience and intuition of something larger than us that’s informing this journey. Presence is also a practice.

It’s helped me to be grounded in Presence with my personal relationships as well as a consultant and facilitator.Chiara Borello, Organizational Consultant

Read more of what Chiara and other people say here.

We use small groups for us to experience Presence and the availability of what we want, right now. Here, as in the individual work, it’s Presence that does the work. Our job is to get out of the way and let Presence do it!

People you meet on your wandering become representatives for you of what’s possible. They illuminate the landscape of the emerging future. Some become companions, perhaps life-long companions.

Simply put, our lives change when we meet our concerns in the company of another, or better, with many others. What we want isn’t really far away. In a sense it’s as simple as finding our tribe, our neighbors wherever we live. Online tribe can be incredibly helpful. It’s helped me heal things I’ve never been able to fully get where I live. Although we may find the benefit of company very good from the start – a flow – the journey we’re on is not a quick fix.

If you’d like to wander along with us for a while, please put your name and email above right. You’ll receive reflections on the journey and invitations to wander with us.

You can also hire me as a companion for a part of your journey here: .

The collective intelligence of groups and path companions is the crucially valuable resource in moving forward. We get there (or here) together. 

You can also contact me here with feedback, questions, or . … I love hearing from fellow wanderers of all kinds.